Innoleo The Center, Indianapolis

Innoleo at The Center, Indianapolis

Innoleo, LLC, founded in 2011, specializes in the supply and distribution of castor oil and derivatives of castor oil.  From inception, our focus has been to introduce this magical molecule to industries which are driven by their desire to incorporate unique specialty chemicals and intermediates derived from renewable bio-based resources into their existing product offerings or new innovative formulations.  Grease & lubricants, metal-working fluids, coatings and personal care, are key markets where we have helped many customers succeed.

Our goal to provide our customers with BEST quality, SEAMLESS supply chain support, VALUABLE market intelligence and technical support, all of which are elements of our signature concierge service, is our commitment to those we serve. Exclusive partnerships with our production and technology teams in India, China and elsewhere make our goals easy to accomplish. Thanks to our many customers in the North American market place, we continue to grow our company and expand our product portfolio to meet your needs.

Meeting our customer’s needs with concierge service is the core of our business!