About Us

Innoleo, LLC was established in October 2011 on a rock solid financial foundation. Our Macedonia, Ohio based parent company, Chemical Services Group, wholly owns the following group of companies having annual sales exceeding $100 million with over 75 years of experience in the chemical industry.
Royal Chemical Company

Royal Chemical Company is a contract manufacturer, blender, and packager of industrial chemical specialties with expertise in liquid and powder blending. Royal Chemical owns and operates five (5) manufacturing plants across the United States with corporate headquarters located in Macedonia, Ohio.

DeForest Enterprises, Inc. is a specialty chemicals company focused on unique, high performance products in categories such as wetting agents, surfactants, hydrotropes, emulsifiers, and water-soluble corrosion inhibitors, with a continuing emphasis on innovation into more environmentally friendly products. ¬†DeForest Enterprises SurfactantsDeForest’s corporate offices and Research & Development Labs are located in Boca Raton, Florida.

ParaFlow Energy Solutions logo

ParaFlow Energy Solutions is a manufacturer and supplier of unique wax plasticizer and demulsifier chemistries that help to mitigate the negative effects associated with paraffin and asphaltene flow assurance challenges often present in upstream, midstream, and downstream crude oil processing operations as well as assist in the recovery of valuable hydrocarbon residue in crude oil storage tanks and refinery slop oil tanks.